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Parenting Classes and Individual Parenting Consultation

   Hopelight Behavioral Health partners with families to design and implement positive behavior change techniques for children who struggle with problem behaviors and need to learn new skills. The Hopelight team utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop individualized positive behavior support plans designed to help families effectively support children struggling with problem behavior.


Bright Future!

   Hopelight will provide in-home and/or in-office consultation services in which we provide caregivers with behavioral recommendations to promote positive behavior change for mild to moderate problem behaviors. Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will provide caregivers with up to four hours of in-home or community observations and/or in-office consultation in order to gather the necessary information to help the family to problem-solve effective behavioral change techniques. Our BCBA can create a written behavior support plan for the family to implement. This consultative service is a great option when more intensive treatment is not warranted.


   Are you interested in learning more about how to stop tantrums, how to reduce talking back, increasing your child’s capacity for empathy, or effective tips for potty training?  You may also be interested in Hopelight Behavioral Health’s parenting classes and seminars on a variety of topics.


  Whether you are facing serious behavioral struggles in your home or you are proactively seeking to build skills to handle future behavior issues in a positive and effective manner, you will find our super affordable parenting classes beneficial and encouraging.  Our parenting classes provide evidence-based behavioral principles presented from a caring and compassionate Christian perspective for parents, grandparents, or anyone who cares for children!