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ABA Therapy for Children with Developmental Disabilities or Autism

Therapies based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) have been proven to be highly effective for building new skills and reducing problem behaviors.  Our individual ABA therapy for children with developmental disabilities and autism includes both in home and center based options with preferably a combination of the two.  Your child’s ABA therapy will begin with extensive assessment conducted by our highly skilled BCBA. Based on the results of this assessment, our BCBA will develop an individual plan including incidental teaching opportunities in the natural environment and discreet trials to build needed skills and reduce problem behaviors.  Then she will personally oversee your child’s program throughout the course of therapy.  The course and pace of therapy will be guided by ongoing data collection and analysis.  Our BCBA will consult with you regularly about your child’s progress and how you can support therapy goals at home.  You will be a critical and highly valued member of your child’s therapy team!  With Hopelight Behavioral Health, your family will experience evidenced based effective therapy in a supportive and caring Christian environment.


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Parenting Consultation and Classes

Whether your child is currently struggling with problem behavior or you desire to proactively build strong parenting skills to support positive behavior and prevent problem behavior, you will benefit from a variety of parenting education courses offered by Hopelight Behavioral Health throughout the year.  These courses are designed to present evidence-based behavioral principles and strategies from a Christian perspective and are taught by Shyll Bowen, our BCBA.  They not only provide opportunities to learn new skills, but also to collaborate with other parents in the community.  Hopelight Behavioral Health also offers individual consultation with our BCBA to address specific behavioral challenges you are facing.  The Hopelight Behavioral Health team looks forward to becoming a helpful partner in the process of building a brighter tomorrow for your family! For more information click here.


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Support Groups

Hopelight Behavioral Health believes that no one should have to go through difficult life struggles alone.  Our support groups provide a caring community in which you can explore effective ways to alter your thinking and behavior to reach positive goals in your life.  Our support groups are a place to share your struggles and find help, a place to explore action steps that will enable you to positively face your challenges with courage and confidence.  Our faith based approach to behavioral change will bring optimism and hope into your equation, and our compassionate team will be there to support and encourage you as you take steps in a new direction. Click here for information on our Facing Giants support group.  




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Diabetes Education Center and Health Coaching

Are you seeking to lead a healthier life?  Do you need assistance with creating a healthy lifestyle plan and sticking to it?  Take advantage of the medical and behavioral expertise of the Hopelight team.  Make an appointment to meet with Diane Mester, our certified Health Coach, who works in collaboration with Shyll Bowen, our behavioral health director and BCBA.  Let the Hopelight team help you develop an individual plan so that you can begin achieving your positive health goals right away.  If you have specific medical complications to consider, our Hopelight Clinic medical staff of doctors and nurses will assist with expert medical guidance.  Let us help you create a path to a healthier tomorrow!


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