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Hopelight Behavioral Health offers quality supervision to meet the supervised independent fieldwork requirement of the BCBA certification process. Supervision Options for supervision include both face to face supervision for local BCBA candidates and online supervision.  Your supervision experience will include both individual and group sessions.  Shyll Bowen, BCBA, is an approved supervisor with the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) and offers a carefully designed supervision experience that will prepare you for both the certification examination and for your future practice as a BCBA.


Supervisees must be enrolled in a BACB approved university program and have passed the online competency-based training module on BACB experience standards offered on the BACB website. 

Local Supervision
Hopelight Behavioral Health offers local supervision services to individuals who are working within a 20 mile radius of one of our Longmont, CO location.


Week A: Group meeting (up to 8 in a group) at Hopelight Behavioral Health clinic or online

Specific individual practice situations and ABA assigned study material from the BACB task list are discussed.


Week B:  Individual BCBA observation of your work with a client or clients at your workplace and feedback from the BCBA at your workplace or at the clinic


Distance Supervision
Hopelight Behavioral Health offers a distance supervision option to individuals who are working throughout the United States and internationally. Individuals must have access to a computer, a webcam, and a video-recording device in order to participate in Hopelight Behavioral Health distance supervision.


Week A:  Group video-conference (up to 8 in a group) with our experienced BCBA

Specific individual practice situation and assigned ABA study material from the BACB task list are discussed.


Week B:  You will upload a video of yourself engaging in ABA work with a client, and our BCBA will review the video and provide feedback.


Individual Supervision-  $15 per 15 minutes ($60 per hour)
Group Supervision-  $10 per 15 minutes ($40 per hour)


Number of Minutes of Supervision Per Week

Number of Hours of ABA Work Per Week

Time to Complete BCBA Supervision

Time to Complete BCaBA Supervision

30 minutes


3 years

2 years

45 minutes


2 years

1.5 years

1 hour


1.5 years

1 year

1 hour, 15 min


1.25 years

10 months

1 hour, 30 min


1.5 years

8 months


Important Information 

  • In order to participate in the supervision, you must engage in at least 10 hours per week of ABA work with clients for at least 3 weeks per month.

  • Participants must also sign a contract with Hopelight Behavioral Health.
  • Payment must be received before participant will be provided with signed supervision form from supervisor documenting the hours completed.


Links & Forms


  BCBA Supervised Experience Standards


  Approved University Training Programs


Please contact Shyll Bowen if you are interested in supervision through Hopelight Behavioral health. Click here to email her