Donate To Hopelight Clinic


Hopelight Clinic has partnered with Cars for Charity.  Cars for Charity is a third party nonprofit that assists Hope Light Clinic with vehicle donations. The process is easy and free, and provides the donor with a tax deduction. Cars for Charity will schedule the tow of the vehicle at no charge to the donor, and the vehicle is sold to return funds to Hope Light Clinic. We sell out of a wide venue network, including retailers, wholesale auctions, and recyclers in order to get the best sale price for the vehicle. We must have a clear title for the vehicle, properly endorsed, to complete the title transfer. We complete the title transfer and sale, and send Hope Light Clinic the proceeds. We also complete the necessary tax filing for the donor and provide the documentation needed for deductions. All in all, it is our goal to make the process quick and simple for the donor, and provide the maximum benefit to the charity.

What we accept:
Boats (must have a trailer, and first be assessed by a Cars for Charity representative)
RVs/Motorhomes (must be assessed by a Cars for Charity representative)
RV Trailers
*We cannot accept dismantled vehicles.
*All vehicles must have a clear and transferable title.