Are you a parent of a child with a developmental disability or autism? Are you the parent of a student who struggles with challenging behavior at school and/or at home? Are you facing the challenge of changing your own behavior to positively impact your own physical and/or emotional health and wellness? Let the caring professional team at Hopelight Behavioral Health partner with you to build a brighter tomorrow. Hopelight Behavioral Health offers a range of services that support positive behavioral choices for a wide variety of individuals in many walks of life. Contact us to learn more about how Hopelight Behavioral Health can be of help to you or those you love!

We accept most major insurance providers including medicaid!


Frequently Asked Questions


What does ABA therapy "look like"? ABA therapy includes many different "techniques". It is important to note that an effective ABA intervention is not a "cookie cutter" approach, and should never be presented as a "one size fits all" program. Read more

What is a "BCBA"? BCBA stands for Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Effective use of ABA therapy requires special training by practitioners. Read more

Does my child need a diagnosis in order to receive ABA therapy? ABA methodologies have been used as effective means of behavior change and learning across a variety of populations. Read more

Donate to Hopelight Behavioral Health

Hopelight Behavioral Health & Clinic has partnered with Cars for Charity.  Cars for Charity is a third party nonprofit that assists Hope Light Clinic with vehicle donations. The process is easy and free, and provides the donor with a tax deduction. Cars for Charity will schedule the tow of the vehicle at no charge to the donor, and the vehicle is sold to return funds to Hope Light Clinic. We sell out of a wide venue network, including retailers, wholesale auctions, and recyclers in order to get the best sale price for the vehicle. We must have a clear title for the vehicle, properly endorsed, to complete the title transfer. We complete the title transfer and sale, and send Hope Light Clinic the proceeds. We also complete the necessary tax filing for the donor and provide the documentation needed for deductions. All in all, it is our goal to make the process quick and simple for the donor, and provide the maximum benefit to the charity.
What we accept:
Boats (must have a trailer, and first be assessed by a Cars for Charity representative)
RVs/Motorhomes (must be assessed by a Cars for Charity representative)
RV Trailers
*We cannot accept dismantled vehicles.
*All vehicles must have a clear and transferable title.

Hopelight Clinic Wishlist


Hopelight Clinic is the parent program of the following:

  • Hopelight Medical Clinic
  • Hopelight Behavioral Health
  • Hopelight Fitness
  • The Crescendo Project
  • Hopelight Recovery
  • Longmont Tutoring Center
  • Longmont CPR
  • Longmont Community Health Network

Hopelight is continuing to grow and add more programs to service our community.  Our Clinic is primarily staffed with volunteers and runs on donations.  Many people ask how they can help and what we need besides money.  We have come up with a Wish List of items each of our programs have asked for.  We appreciate you looking to help our programs.  Thank you!