The Hopelight Experience

Our behavioral therapists at Hopelight Behavioral Health provide one-on-one customized behavior therapy services in the home, clinic, and/or various community settings which are designed and closely supervised by our highly skilled BCBA. Each individual program of services is based on detailed assessment results. Our BCBA designs every therapy program, monitors each child’s progress throughout the course of therapy, and adjusts goals and objectives based on the analysis of on-going data collection. Parents are essential members of each child’s therapy team. Our BCBA will meet regularly with parents to get their valuable input in the goal setting, therapy implementation, and program modification processes. Parents will also be trained in specific ways that they can support the therapy goals outside of Hopelight therapy sessions. Our approach to working with each child: • is based on positive behavior change techniques • concentrates on building skills • is individually tailored to meet each child’s unique needs • focuses on keeping children motivated to learn • is the best research supported approach • is driven by our belief that positive change is possible for every individual Our curriculum addresses the following areas of need and more: • understanding and using language • building positive social skills • communicating with and relating to peers • developing age appropriate and symbolic play skills • increasing conceptual thinking and cognitive skills • replacing maladaptive problem behaviors with functional adaptive skills For more information, call 303-834-9338 to set up a free initial consultation!